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Our Mission

EDEN4 was developed to offer in-depth green asset reporting and analysis. This software enables users to stay on top of every tree, capturing essential data from species to size, and most importantly the care and maintenance needs of each tree.

Our Story

Over thirty years ago, the journey towards EDEN4 began when Austral Tree Services was established by Craig and Deb Hosking, a couple with a strong passion for the environment and a desire to create a better future. Initially, Austral Tree Services provided tree maintenance and stump removal services to both domestic and commercial clients across Adelaide.


However, they soon realized that their clients needed more than just tree maintenance, and hence founded another company called Project Green. The primary objective of Project Green was to provide clients with access to a team of experts who could offer them advice on various aspects of arboriculture, horticulture, and green asset management. Working collaboratively, the Project Green team provides expert analysis and reports on specialist areas such as tree health, disease/pest control, tree valuations, risk and impact assessments, maintenance requirements/scheduling, and development proposals.

Over the years, Project Green and Austral Tree Services joined forces to develop a comprehensive tree management solution for clients. This led to the creation of a world-first software platform called EDEN4.

The EDEN4 software enables users to keep track of every tree under their care by capturing essential data such as species, size, health, issues, risks, and required works. The EDEN4 software was developed with a vision to balance clients' green asset management needs with their inherent responsibility to both the environment and the community.

We believe that what gets measured, gets managed, and through the continued development and use of the EDEN4 software, we now can actively and effectively measure and manage one of the most precious resources we have - trees.

In the future, EDEN4 has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage our urban forests and green spaces. With the increasing need for sustainable urban development and the pressing issue of climate change, there is a growing awareness of the vital role that trees and other green infrastructure play in creating healthy, resilient cities.

EDEN4 provides an essential tool for tree care professionals, urban planners, and community members to collaborate in managing and protecting these vital resources. By leveraging the power of data analytics, the software can help to identify areas of high risk or low resilience, and guide decision-making around maintenance, planting, and other interventions.

With continued development, collaboration and implementation, the EDEN4 software has the potential to foster a more holistic and collaborative approach to urban green asset management, ensuring that our trees and green spaces thrive for generations to come.

Our Future

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